Digital, In-Person ︎ 2021

Rise is inspired the shout tradition of the black church, the transcendent spirit of club music, and aims to hold the joy that dancing brings to our lives. Gathering to honor, witness, and celebrate others is an ancient ritual, deeply missed in this time of pandemic isolation. This dance celebrates the life in our flesh, makes space for the spirit, and honors the power of our humanity through the sacredness of assembly. 

Rise was commissioned by ︎︎︎ THE SHED Open Call 2021 and was supported by a residency at the Nimbus Arts Center.
Choreography Kyle Marshall
Original performers Ariana Speight, Damani Alfreida, Kyle Marshall and Miriam Gabriel
Current performers Bree Breeden, José Lapaz-Rodriguez, Kyle Marshall, Ariana Speight
Music by Cal Fish
Costumes Russell Peguero
Makeup Edo Tastic
Lighting Itohan Edoloyi

Past Performances

The Shed
June 25—26, 2021
New York, NY
Philadelphia FringeArts Festival
September 24—25, 2021
Philadelphia, PA
New Brunswick Performing Arts Center
October 15—16, 2021
New Brunswick, NJ

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