Ruin reflects on the natural rhythms and elemental rituals that shape humankind by excavating body percussion and our physical relationship to sound. Dynamic listening devices designed and constructed by sound collaborator Cal Fish will be used throughout the dance. Through their magic, the ground and air become sources of sound and amplification. In real time, music is cultivated by performers, Bree Breeden, Jose Lapaz-Rodriguez, Kyle Marshall, Nik Owens and Cayleen Del Rosario. Ruin will have costumes, hair and make-up designed by KMC visual director Edo Tastic, costume construction by Meagan Woods, with lighting by Itohan Edoloyi. In this dance, we reflect on the artifacts of our actions. Through acknowledging these echoes of history, we reckon with the syncopation of our modern lives and the dynamic cycles of human civilization.

Ruin was commissioned by the Philadelphia Museum of Art for Matisse in the 1930s. Additional support for Ruin provided by the Monira Foundation at MANA CONTEMPORARY.  
Choreography Kyle Marshall
Lighting design Itohan Edoloyi
Kinesthetic Sound Devices & Sound Design Cal Fish
Costume Design, Makeup & Hair Edo Tastic
Costume construction Meagan Woods
Performers Bree Breeden, Cayleen Del Rosario, José Lapaz-Rodriguez, Kyle Marshall, Nik Owens
Music and text Edo Tastic

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