Past work ︎ 2014


The vulnerability of the solo performer is heightened by tasks that intentionally disorient the body. Momentum is built then suppressed in sudden stillness, balance is negotiated in bending forms, and changes in directions violently weave the body through space.

Development of this work was made possible by a 2013 CoLab/Lustig Dance Theater: New Works Residency.

Press: Soundboard at Dance +  Festival 2014 Review ︎

Performed by Kyle Marshall
Music by Jody Redhage and Allen Ginsberg
Costume by Meagan Woods
Runtime 10 minutes

Past Performances

Stuffed @ Judson Church
New York, NY

Your Move Dance Festival
Debaun Performing Arts Center
Hoboken, NJ
Collabfest @ Triskelion Arts
Brooklyn, NY

Dance+ Festival @ Conduit Dance
Portland, OR

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