Photos: David Gonsier

WAGE exposed white supremacy and capitalism wound within our American bodies though the depiction of archetypes. This country was discovered by venture capitalists and radical religious thinkers. Our economic strength is powered by a battery of 250 years of slave labor. Our American bodies are both victims and perpetrators of this weighted cycle. WAGE moved us through these patterns of our dark history to unveil American truth. The dance had original music by Jon Johnson and a lobby installation by visual artist and dancer, Myssi Robinson.

WAGE premiered May 2018 at the Center for Performance Research (CPR) in Brooklyn, NY. The work was supported by residencies at the Wythe Hotel, Dancenow Kirkland Farm, a Foundation for Contemporary Art Emergency Grant, the Andrew W. Mellon Artist-in-Residence Program at CPR, a Mertz Gilmore Late Stage Stipend and a space subsidy at the Mark Morris Dance Center.
Choreographed by Kyle Marshall
Performed by Oluwadamilare “Dare” Ayorinde, Miriam Gabriel, Myssi Robinson and Nick Sciscione
Music by Jonathan Johnson and John Luther Adams
Text/audio Jimi Hendrix, Shirley Chisholm, Malcolm X
Costume by Gabby Grywalski and Kyle Marshall
Visual introduction Myssi Robinson

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